The existing maps, which form the basis for many engineering studies, are produced with different methods in line with the desired precision. Today, with the development of the photogrammetric method, an important advantage has been achieved in terms of speed, cost and precision. In the production of Photogrammetric Baseline Maps with UAV, Ground Control Points are established as homogeneously as possible on the land to be measured before flight planning. Photogrammetric data is collected by UAV by making flight planning.

A point cloud is created from aerial photographs taken from UAV platforms with 80% longitudinal and 70% transverse overlaps, using the intense image matching technique. While the obtained data is first passed through the quality control stage, if the standard deviations of the aerial photographs and rotations and the coordinates and standard deviations of the Ground Control Points are within the error limit, the data is processed. Digital Photogrammetric Baseline Map is produced by performing stereo evaluation on the true orthophoto map produced by the UAV.