Our company, which was established in 2015 to carry out Map Engineering Activities, continues its activities successfully with its expert staff and equipments today.

Koni Engineering, which provides services in many fields from current map production to road projects, from deformation measurements to static and RTK GPS measurements, from bathymetry measurements to spatial information systems, from all kinds of construction site measurements to classical cartography services such as tawhid-ifraz-leaving the road, knows no limits in its application range with its expert staff.

Koni Engineering, which provides all kinds of consultancy and engineering services with team service or project-based applications on a daily or monthly basis depending on the needs of the project, is beneficial to the society, environment, employees, stakeholders and professional groups with which it cooperates, without compromising professional ethical values at national and universal level. It has adopted the vision of producing solutions, contributing to the welfare of the society with the projects it operates, making forward-looking investments with the trust, goodwill and solution partnerships it creates by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, enlarging its workforce and service capacity, and maintaining its pioneering stance in the sector with technological and contemporary solutions.