Bathymetry is a field of science and technology that deals with the measurement and mapping of underwater topography. Bathymetry maps are maps that show the shape, depths, and other underwater features of the sea or lake floor. These maps play an important role in fields such as navigation, ship navigation, port construction, underwater surveys, marine biology and environmental sciences.

Bathymetry maps contain information such as depth contours, underwater shallows, wave effects, wrecks, rocks, coral reefs, and other underwater structures. These maps are used in many areas such as routing marine traffic, planning port construction, marine biology studies, marine ecosystem conservation projects and archaeological research.

Bathymetry maps are created by maritime authorities, hydrographic organizations, research institutions and private companies. Precise bathymetry data is often combined with other data sources such as satellite imagery, aerial photographs and local measurement data, resulting in more detailed and accurate maps.